Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I felt a little light heartedly inclined to draw attention to the striking similarities of these two figureheads as they rally their fellow zealots in unison to the harmonious tune of empty uranium drums.

Truth be sold, if it weren't for this and this, and some other articles on the issue, the Bush administration would probably already have us in Iran dropping the bomb.

Of course, the guilt doesn't rest with just one group, the Iranian leadership has been pretty effective at rallying their own, and of course provoking the Bush co clan and their pit bull supporters to begin reciting the scriptures and remodel their bomb shelters – at the same time.

I sometimes get to wondering though...
Might the US and Iran be staging these war-time theatrics in order to create paralysis within the Middle East and slow down the spread of destabilization? With both powers keeping their people and the people in surrounding regions in a constant state of fear, they're allowed to remain in power and do...well, just about anything.


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