Monday, June 05, 2006

What might happen tomorrow?
I don’t know really, but Culhavoc's analysis at the Deconstructing a False Flag Operation Blog has an interesting take. Please Read

Brief overview of list…

• 06/06/06: the date in question, otherwise known as the “Mark of the Beast”
• 60606: Sears Tower’s zip code• 60666: O’hare Airport’s zip code
• Two investors from Larry Silverstein’s group that leased the WTC purchase the Sears Tower
• Kroll: provides security for the Sears Tower. After 9/11, Kroll purchased Convair who was responsible for recovering data from WTC hard drives. Kroll was acquired by Marsh, one of the companies directly impacted by “AA11″.
• Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC: Headquartered on the 53rd floor of the Sears Tower
Recent power outage in the Sears Tower, reminiscent of the WTC power-down Scott Forbes recalled on the weekend prior to 9/11

The list goes on


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