Thursday, July 13, 2006

More and more muck continues to negatively reverberate throughout the mainstream and indie press on the UN sponsored Middle East charade er miscommunication and war propaganda awareness festival war taking place out there.
I think pay-per-view has it listed as Israel vs. everybody else.
I still haven't found out who's promoting it, anybody care to help me out?
I'm pretty sure it's somebody from the US, we have great war promoters here.


Hints of US involvement, be it past, present, or future are beginning to surface in the talking head circles.

How did all of this happen again?
Some soldier or soldiers got kidnapped?

Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe I’m misinformed.
Some soldiers got nabbed, Gaza was already warming up again, so they decided to ignite that drama whore again, oopsy

And now, according to the analysis being provided by people who really like war, no matter where it comes from, we are to believe that things are "escalating" and "intensifying", which I don’t entirely doubt...
But if we just let it slow down a bit, pump the breaks, let whatever smoke that lingers clear out and let us all see where everybody’s standing on this. I guarantee you most everybody will be completely befuddled on WTF is really going on.

Those within government that aren’t confused, and making immediate proposals, especially in the US are instigating, and/or supporting the instigations (again see people and entities they represent who really like war) and can make up whatever they want in order to justify this campaign for war, which btw is obviously leading to Iran.

The US has been menstrual cramping for a reason to go there, and every other alternative appears to be exhausted. This reeks of deceit on all levels in order to justify war with Iran and fulfill the PNAC destiny.


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