Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jon Stewart dissects Bush's latest 'desperate soundbites'

David Edwards
Published: Wednesday August 23, 2006

Jon Stewart, the show's host, noted that there was something "peculiar" about President Bush's August 21st White House press conference. Bush was in Washington, DC, explained Stewart. President Bush is known for spending the month of August vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. "What could be so important as to lure our president from the spa like oasis that is Crawford, Texas?," asked Stewart.

The Daily Show takes the occasion to analyze Mr. Bush's press conference into a string of humorous clips and commentary. And having one of his favorite subjects as fodder, Jon Stewart enjoys delivering performance well-received by his audience. From Bush's foreign policy to the emotions reflected in speech to his tendency to restate obvious, the clip doesn't seem to miss an opportunity to lampoon the president.



Anonymous rangergordonsmith said...

Of all the unpremeditated gall, showing the president of our nation in a cheap video like this.
You swagger dudes are getting my full attention on this one...I've got connections, if you get my meaning...Harumph!

4:03 PM  

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