Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just recently, the U.S. and Canada initiated a military war game exercise called: Vigilant Guardian (very similar to the vigilant guardian war game that was conducted during 9/11).

Then today, Iran initiated their own war game exercise

Mix this in with the mainstream media propaganda reports that an attack of some sort is likely to happen between Iran and Israel on August 22nd, and we have a recipe which could cook up a series of false flag terror attacks in the Middle East, the U.K, and the U.S./Canada.

This of course wouldn't be that big of surprise considering AJ issued an advance warning and a courageous call to action quickly ensued against these false flag terror attacks last week.

If these operations come to pass without an attack, then there will only be a temporary sigh of relief, because there are at least several other remaining military operations set up within the U.S. and abroad for the remainder of the year that could serve to facilitate the precursor to another 9/11 style false flag terror attack.

It would be wise to keep your heads on a swivel, and your sites set on the activities of this government and these military operations.



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