Friday, August 11, 2006

TIME: When terror imitates the soda commercial

RAW STORY Published: Friday August 11, 2006

An article at notes that a soft drink commercial that mockingly depicts airport security agents confiscating a passenger's soda just so they can drink it themselves can still be seen on cable televison, and, in light of recent events, even the "normally irony-aware people at The Daily Show" haven't tried "stopping" it, RAW STORY has found.

"Comedy writers are always fighting the last war," writes Joel Stein for "And people who book commercials on cable channels don't pay a lot of attention."
"PepsiCo, which owns Sierra Mist, says the commercial, which started airing in February, conveniently ended its official run on Sunday-three days before the foiling of the British terrorism plot was announced and 'liquid explosives' became a ubiquitous term," the article continues.

"But cable companies are scheduled to dribble out the spot ads until Tuesday, and neither Pepsi nor the normally irony-aware people at The Daily Show —which was still airing the commercial as of Thursday — are stopping them," writes Stein.



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