Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October's over.
Are you surprised?
Perhaps it was the anticipation of the surprise that killed it.
Or maybe the surprise was that there wouldn't be a surprise at all.
The obvious attention whore of "October Surprises" was the Mark Foley Sex Scandal
See the previous post for some dramatic insight into that
But it's hard to qualify the Foley scandal as a legitimate October surprise, considering it didn't work in favor of the administration.
Or did it?

Other little surprises for the month of October included:
1. The North Korean Nuclear Test
2. The Bush administration trying to back pedal out of "staying the course" in Iraq
3. The Minute Men expose Bush's NAFTA shadow government - then - one day later Bush agrees to build them their fence.
4. Democrats won't be seeking impeachment of Bush if elected into power. (Sympathy for the devil or bait and switch?)
5. The death of habeas corpus HR 6166 and the implementation of martial law. (addressed in greater detail below)

The biggest surprise, the one that snuck its way under the radar while everyone smothered themselves with the Foley scandal was the death of habeas corpus - HR 6166 and the move towards martial law
Possibly precursors to an even greater surprise in upcoming months.

BTW, you aren't an 'Unlawful Combatant' are you?

And if this last minute move towards martial law wasn't a clear enough indication of how serious this is all getting, then we probably wouldn't have even bothered posting at all.
But the fact of the matter is that America appears to be self-destructing, and nobody seems surprised by this.
Even when you tell them that the people responsible for killing it are the same people who swore to protect it, the President and his criminal cohorts.
More importantly though, the people responsible for letting it happen are the American people themselves.
This shouldn't surprise them either.

The majority of Americans just don't seem to care.
And I don't think that they actively chose not to care, but it's like many don't even know how to care.
Even those that do care and attempt to make a big deal out of it are labeled as over exaggerating leftists, or conspiracy theorists, or whatever.

In response to that, and for the sake of preserving America's dream, I can only hope that the labels are right.
I would gladly welcome being labeled an over exaggerating leftist or conspiracy theorist over being one of those guys you should have listened to.
I don't want to be proven right on any of this.
But if we are proven right, and these concerns we raise about criminal elements within the government deliberately staging the collapse of America and everything it once stood for comes to be, then...I honestly don't know. You got any predictions?
Surprise me.


Anonymous blowback said...

Good summary of the "October surprises"
But I think it's already obvious that even a switch between parties won't change all of the damage that's been done.
And that's what we're really asking for isn't it?
It's impossible.
The democrats will refuse to hold Bush and Cheney accountable, and they simply won't be able to right all the wrongs. In fact, I'll bet that their attemtps to do so will create more problems in the future.

11:42 AM  

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