Sunday, August 17, 2008

Turkish President: US Must Share Power in New World Order

Days after Russia scored a stunning geopolitical victory in the Caucasus, The President of Turkey said he saw a new multipolar world emerging from the wreckage of war. The conflict in Georgia, Gül asserted, showed that the United States could no longer shape global politics on its own, and should begin sharing power with other countries.

========C&S Comment=========

New World Order, something of interest and rarely spoken about in public between governing officials and the citizens is always a topic of interest here. Unfortunately,most people around the world don't know and/or don't care about NWO because it is frequently labeled as a myth, reserved only for people with tin foil hats deprived of their medication etc etc.What is the rationale behind a militaristically instilled NWO and the individuals who insist it is nothing to worry about?Problematic times, my friends, but there are solutions to ensure we need not worry. Though concern and critical observance is warranted, it's important to always remain practical when expressing concerns. Do not allow fear to take control.

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