Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain-Palin Rally Incites Fear, hatred, and confusion; attendees believe Obama is a Terrorist (VIDEO)

The commentary contained within the video may or may not shock you, depending on what your expectations are of the intelligence level of the average McCain-Palin supporter.I certainly don't like to think this particular group of supporters' opinions represent the majority of supporters' views but it is certainly of interest to average Americans everywhere watching this election unfold and witness how far astray some people have gone in their convictions (on both sides). This particular video only highlights one of the obvious problems. Some people seem genuinely confused, and I understand their plight, but others have now turned hostile and I don't see how anyone can view the McCain-Palin campaign as not intentionally inciting fear and raw hatred, rather than curiosity and respect within the political process. They've mentally mollested their supporters and heavily polluted these political waters, which have grown more turbulent in recent weeks as we lead head first into the election next month. I proclaim the McCain-Palin campaign, along with their supporters have now gone into full kamikaze mode.Frightening to some, entertaining to others, but one thing I can assure you is that this is not the way it should be going. It just isn't right.

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Blogger agarthi said...

Help stop the hate.

Please sign the American Petition for the Immediate Abandonment of Dangerous, Incendiary Rhetoric as it Relates to the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

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