Sunday, August 17, 2008

Turkish President: US Must Share Power in New World Order

Days after Russia scored a stunning geopolitical victory in the Caucasus, The President of Turkey said he saw a new multipolar world emerging from the wreckage of war. The conflict in Georgia, Gül asserted, showed that the United States could no longer shape global politics on its own, and should begin sharing power with other countries.

========C&S Comment=========

New World Order, something of interest and rarely spoken about in public between governing officials and the citizens is always a topic of interest here. Unfortunately,most people around the world don't know and/or don't care about NWO because it is frequently labeled as a myth, reserved only for people with tin foil hats deprived of their medication etc etc.What is the rationale behind a militaristically instilled NWO and the individuals who insist it is nothing to worry about?Problematic times, my friends, but there are solutions to ensure we need not worry. Though concern and critical observance is warranted, it's important to always remain practical when expressing concerns. Do not allow fear to take control.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

[VIDEO] Detention camp Setup for DNC Protestors and Mass Arrests

Denver officials weren't planning to reveal details about where activists would be detained in the event of mass arrests during the Democratic National Convention until after the event had started, but those plans were quickly dashed this week when CBS 4News reporter Rick Sallinger not only revealed that protesters would be locked up in a city-owned warehouse, but he also obtained clear video footage inside the facility, a building that includes barbed wire-topped cages and signs warning of stun-gun use.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Putin Accuses Georgia of Genocide - Video

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused Georgia of genocide against the South Ossetian people, as fighting in the breakaway region intensified.

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The Pipeline War: Russian bear goes for West's jugular

The war in Georgia escalated dangerously last night after Russian jets reportedly bombed a vital pipeline that supplies oil to the West.

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MSNBC-In Pictures: Russia and Georgia at War

Russia sent hundreds of tanks and troops into the separatist province of South Ossetia and bombed Georgian towns Saturday in a major escalation of the conflict that has left scores of civilians dead and wounded.==============C&S note: while we've yet to determine for ourselves the true nature of this war and the resemblences it may share with other wars, it is very important and deserves attention, and God willing, peaceful action from everyone in the world.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

U.S. Involvement in Russia/Georgian War?

Since early 2002, the U.S. government has given a healthy amount of military aid to Georgia. First, it was under the rubric of the Georgia Train and Equip Program (ostensibly to counter alleged Al Qaeda influence in the Pankisi Gorge); then, under the Sustainment and Stability Operations Program. Georgia returned the favor [...]

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Russia goes to war with Georgia

At least 1,400 civilians were reported killed today after Russian forces invaded territory claimed by one of its former Soviet satellites. Moscow was on the brink of all-out war with its southern neighbour Georgia over the tiny, disputed region of South Ossetia.

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